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On-site Data Collection for any Inspection and Audit
Regulations such as CPSIA and the new Food Safety Modernization Act have put pressure on retailers and brand owners to become more aggressive with the quality assurance and compliance process. With the adoption of mobility in the supply chain, retailers and brand owners now have an opportunity to capture real-time inspection data and prevent issues from escalating.
With Arigo InspeQt™, retailers are experiencing:
  • Proactive, real-time alerts when items are out of compliance
  • Automated notifications for high-risk inspection failures
  • Improved speed to market through faster inspections
  • Self-guided process which promotes little to no training
Whether inspecting seasonal items or children's products, automating the inspection process enables retailers to identify potential issues, and make proactive changes to validate product meets quality standards and scheduled ship dates. The tool is designed to operate on any web-based device or smartphone.